Wireless charging is unrivaled in terms of convenience. You just place your phone on the charger and proceed to walk away. The hassle of handling wires that eventually break or go missing is no longer an issue.

Wireless charging has evolved as a technology, and most major phone manufacturers, including…

It’s 3 a.m., and your baby is still awake. You’re aware that this occurs with infants, but you’re also aware that there must be a better method.

According to new research, new parents’ sleep enjoyment and duration drop — and don’t recover until their child is 4 to 6 years…

Beraliya Lowland Tropical Wetland Forests in Sri Lanka: Orchard
In the canopy, a canopy layer can be seen. Thus, in the low country rain forests, Kanneliya, Dediyagala, Nakiyadeniya, Gilimale, Dellawa and the world famous Sinharaja Forest Reserve, the Beraliya plant can be found.
The beryl tree, which grows to a height of…

Kavindu Nethsara

I am from Srilanka.

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